Many people still question the importance of taking supplements I too was sceptical when introduced to the concept of taking supplements while training as a Kinesiologist. However, over time, I have seen how for some and at certain times supplements can really help.

Reasons you may consider taking supplements

1) Deficiency – Unsurprisingly most people don’t get the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals through their diets, which is why taking supplements to address any deficiency may be a good idea. 

2) Performance – for anyone active or competing in sport, supplements can make the 1-5% difference in performance, which can mean success, or failure. If you are older 50’s+, supplements can help keep your bones and joints strong.

3) Convenience – It’s not easy to eat organic fruits and veggies all day long, which is why, for example, a greens supplement can help.  The same idea applies to eating enough protein, which is why a protein supplement can make sense at times.

Kinesiology techniques remove the guesswork they enable me to check for and recommend nutrition that will correct any imbalances and help to bring the body back to a balanced state.

For anyone taking medication please always consult a qualified health professional first to avoid any drug-nutrient interactions.