What happens in a treatment?

I will always spend a short while at the start of a treatment getting to know you, discussing why you booked an appointment and to understand what you would like out of the treatment.

Then I’ll ask you to hop onto the couch (fully dressed – please wear loose clothing) and I will carry out a number of muscle tests.

Muscle tests are not strength tests they are gentle tests that will involve you holding an arm or leg in a certain position while I apply light pressure. If everything is working well your leg/arm will not move as the muscle will contract and stay strong. If it does not this will indicate an ‘imbalance’. Once an imbalance is identified I will work to correct this by using lymphatic massage, neuro-reflexes, energy techniques and nutrition checks.

How long will it take?

Initial appointments last about 1.5hrs with follow ups lasting 1hr. The number of sessions required will very much depend on the issue and how you respond to the treatment.

What can Kinesiology help with?

Kinesiology can benefit digestive problems, stress, sleep problems, the endocrine system, pain, structural issues, nutritional imbalances, weight management, frequent infections/illness, fears and phobias, neck and back pain and much, much more.

How much will it cost?


90mins first treatment – £60
Subsequent hourly treatments – £45


60mins first treatment – £35
30mins follow ups – £20