About Us

Welcome to Balanced Being. My name’s Clare and I am a Kinesiologist and Sports Massage therapist.

I first stumbled upon kinesiology/ after receiving a treatment at work and, if I am totally honest, it was not what I was expecting on any level and I was left quite bewildered by the whole experience. Skip forward 10 years, months of back pain had prevented me from exercising and noticing my discomfort a friend recommended I visit her Kinesiologist. I was hesitant (to say the least) after my initial experience but increasing pain meant I had no other option but to try again. I booked an appointment and within a few weeks I was running pain free for the first time ever. Kinesiology is definitely different but it works! Further investigation into the therapy led me to train as a foundation Kinesiologist and then as a Kinesiology Practitioner and Sports massage therapist.

If you are living with any aches, pains or discomforts that are impacting your day to day life then get in touch.